Takisawa TC-2 CNC Lathe 1987 **NOT WORKING**. Ideal do up!

$1,000.00 Exc. GST
Takisawa Japan

Takisawa TC-2 Lathe

This has running been in our CNC workshop for years, and the VSD (Var Speed Drive) Spindle drive has given up.

The machine up to now has been reliable, and we have downloaded plenty of Fustion 360 Programs to it over the years and used it on a production basis

We had looked at doing this up with a new VSD (from Schneider) and even possibly adding a Mach 3 CNC controller onto it. The reality is we do not have the time and we have bought a new Haas lathe instead!

The bones of this machine are great. Japanese built solidness, and is still very accurate. Probably more accurate than newer machines because of its solid construction.

If you fixed the VSD, the rest of the machine works well. But bear in mind the electronics are 33 years old now

It will come with tool holders etc

You are welcome to come to Machine Makers in Auckland and view the machine.

Buyer must pick up and transport

Because of the damaged VSD spindle controller it is sold on a "as is Basis"

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