Spiral Wrapper

$1,500.00 Exc. GST

• Model GG300
• Serial Number JLGG1703034
• 6500mm infeed and outfeed powered trays
• Pallet of wrap can be given also

The up and down board of wrapping unit can pack different height of products.

This machine is popular for packing long objects, for example, aluminum/ UPVC profiles, timber, and steel rod, etc.

Machine Features:

* Heavy-duty steel structure
* Easy and fast operation
* Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring, thickness of the ring is 30mm
* Ring speed 10-110rpm, adjustable by frequency inverter
* Friction between wheels and ring is adjustable by tension belt
* The tension/strain of packing material is adjustable
* Packing materials can be chosen according to needs
* Adjustable overlap of packing material, 10-90%
* Good packing effect can be guaranteed

Technical data:

Length: 1000mm to unlimited
Product width:20-200mm
Product height:20-200mm
Max. cross section diagonal : 300mm
Weight: 20-500kg
Ring speed: 10-110rpm
Packing speed: 10-30secs/pack
Power output: 1.5kw
Power voltage: 380V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Packing material: Stretch film, crepe paper, woven fabric, etc
ID: 50mm, Width: 100-300mm, OD: 100-250mm

OEM manuals and wiring diagrams available
Collection Wiri, Auckland

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