Salvagnini P1 Electric Panel Bender with ABA

P1 with ABA


This is an exhibition machine, used only at exhibitions.

The P1 panel bender is fitted with Automatic Blankholder (ABA) for automatically adjusting bend lengths.

This permits bend lengths to be adjusted during the folding of a single part automatically and without stopping the machine.

Fold parts with maximum bend lenght of 1250mm and a maximum bend height of 127mm. Material can be 0.4mm up to 1.6mm thick (Mild Steel).

With a small footprint (8sqm), safe and easy operation is achieved without further safety guarding or highly trained operators.

No hydraulics - this machine is 100% electric, using about 3kW

This is the only one of this model available, so decide quickly. It will be available for shipping in June 2017


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