KINETIC K3000xmc CNC Flat Bed Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutter (with Drilling) Hypertherm 400am HiDef Plasma

$250,000.00 Exc. GST

This is an excellent machine that has been regularly maintained and serviced by Kinetic NZ.  Kinetic NZ is based in Auckland and produce world leading plasma cutting systems.  Having NZ based service technicians is a massive advantage when it comes to upgrades, repairs and breakdowns.  Being local they attend to any issue fast an efficiently eliminating downtime.  If you own any CNC equipment you know how important this is.

Cutting Capabilities

  • Plasma up to 32mm thick – Hypertherm Hi Definition 400amp Plasma
  • Oxy Fuel up to 200mm thick – Harris Cutting Gear

Machining Capabilities

  • 3Drilling from 4mm to 30mm
  • Tapping from M5 to M16 hole
  • Counter Boring
  • Part Marking

Table Size

  • Up to 3600mm wide x 12,000mm long

Maximize Productivity

  • Cutting, drilling, tapping
  • BT 30 spindle with 24 tool stations
  • Automated tool changes
  • Part marking with plasma etching
  • Automated tooling alerts prevent breakdowns
  • Auto tool height measurement reduces loading time
  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Traverse speed of 25m/min
  • Dual driven rack and pinion drive system
  • Linear rails with helical racking
  • Linear bearing guide system on all axes
  • LCD touchscreen for fast setup and easy control


  • One-piece welded gantry designed for the rigors of modern manufacturing
  • Full protection for all lines and drives
  • Heavy-duty water table frame. Water level raises and lowers
  • Floor mounted rails with protection
  • Through-spindle coolant

We have upgraded to a new machine but this machine is perfect entry level machine for a fraction of the cost.  The large table allows for large sheet processing or cutting at one end whilst unloading at the other.  Local support is a massive advantage.

Buyer must collect

For viewing or questions please contact either Pete Herd on 027 484 1865 or Craig Hutchinson on 021 448 504

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