$20,000.00 Exc. GST

This lathe was originally fitted with a Fanuc T5 controller which became expensive and hard to keep running. Our first one of these machines we scrapped, and kept useful spare parts, when we bought another. We enjoyed using this machine with its standard center lathe construction, hydraulic tailstock and 8 station tool posts. So when this controller gave us trouble we decided to do a retrofit. This lathe spent the first part of its life in a technical college, before we got it. Since we have had it, it has been used on small runs and tool making type work, so the hardened bed ways are not worn. Though basically a chucking lathe, it has a 38 mm spindle bore (less with hydraulic chuck fitted) and can be programmed to use a stock puller and open close jaws.

The Centroid retrofit is 2 years old, Version 3.11. This is currently being fitted to new machines, being sold at this time. It comes with constant surface speed, and intercon (intuitive), at the machine programming system. Or it can use off machine CAM programming with standard G-code. All electronics are new, driving the original X and Z motors.

 The machine comes with 3-jaw, 4-jaw, and hydraulic chucks, lots of tool holders, soft jaws, drill holders and an off tool setting fixture. Also there are lots of spare electric and mechanical parts, including a complete Head Stock, Hydraulic unit, drive motors, encoders, suds pump, tool post spares and lots more.

 Machine comes with Howa manuals, and Centroid manuals and operator manuals. Machine can be seen running, contact us for further information, or arrange a visit.

Call Colin on 0221023225 to view at 42A Porana Road, Glenfield Auckland. (selling due to business closure)

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