Haitian Jupiter Series 750 tonne Two-Platen Injection Moulding Machine with Yushin Robot

$201,000.00 Exc. GST
Haitian Jupiter Series 750
Model JU7500II/5000

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Mould machine

Model JU7500II/5000

KEBA 2880 controller, Universal Pack

Injection Unit 5000 CE/CAT 4 Australia Safety Standard

Screw and barrel type B in diameter 90mm

Only 3500 powered up hours

Only 592 Running hours

Upgraded at time of purchase

4 X core pull - 2 on moving platen, 2 on fixed platen

3 X air blast valves – 2 on moving platen, 1 on fixed platen

EUROPMAP 67 Robot interface

Bi metallic Screw and barrel

Cooling water flowmeter 12 zones – 6 zones for MP, 6 zones for FP

Standard Hopper

Complete spare set of ceramic heaters

Check Ring, Mixing Ring, Screw Tip


Yushin Robot

Model: Yushin SCII-600SLL-30-15.5

Traverse arm stroke 3000 mm

Kick stroke 1100 mm

Main Arm stroke 1550 mm (Extended)

Payload 12 kgs

Yushin E touch compact touch screen controller

1x Eco Vacuum and vacuum confirmation circuit

1x Sprue chuck circuit

1x Product chuck circuit

Stationary and moving side part pick up

Initial shot reject feature

Sampling motion

Pick and Place stacking of finished product.

Bad part reject feature

Production monitor

Lead through teaching

Euromap 67 interface


Extras added by Action Plastics

Valve gate controller and timer

Wired for masterbatch dosing controller

8 X Heavy duty adjustable anti-slip mould clamps

Numerous single and three phase plugs at various positions on machine

SHINI hopper dryer SHD – 200TM and auto loader SAL-800G2 (200 kg mounted on mobile frame

Auto loader - 3 phase

Nozzle melt filter

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Injection moulding machines
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