Blister packing machine

$1,725.00 Exc. GST

$1500 +GST
Blister packing machine. - Made in china

Well used but still works fine. 10 years old, been in storage for past 5 years. Showing some surface rust. Handle broken, using vice grips.

Will throw in a couple of rolls of plastic and foil.for free

Comes with 2 die sets - 15 capsules and 6 capsules (size 0 capsules). Currently setup for 15s. Image 7 is the tooling for 6s

Could be used to blister pack other stuff, but would require custom moulds, that can made in china

Needs a compressor to run (not included).

Can ship it to you if you organised a freight company
im guessing it weighs about 200kg, else pick up in Waltham

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