AMI Arc Machines Model 415 and Model 15 Complete Orbital Welder Package for Pipe

AMI Arc Machines
Model 415 Power Supply / Model 15 Weldhead

A Complete Arc Machines AMI Pipe Welding System with full function Model 15 Weldhead with Arc Voltage Control and Oscillation. Machine package includes below components all in fully functional and exceptional condition. Produced in 2010 with minimal usage.  

Control Components

-M415B AVC/OSC Computer Controlled Power Supply 200-575 VAC 50/60Hz Three Phase Axioteck CPU with Windows Operating Syste

-M415 Operator Remote Pendant with Heads up Display in Storage Case

-M415 Remote Pendant Extension Cable 50ft (15M)

-M415 Weldhead Control Adapter Cable 40ft

-Ground Clamp 350 Amp


-Model 15 Weldhead With C Torch Configuration and Dual Wire feed

-Explorer Plastic Hardcase

Clamping Devices

-8” AMI Model 15 Guide Ring (203.2mm)

-10.75” AMI Model 15 Guide Ring (10.75mm)

-12.75” AMI Model 15 Guide Ring (324mm)

Each guide ring covers 2 pipe sizes and are supplied with full range of sprung feet and fixed clamping feed (Flat Track sections also available as an extra)

Happy to discuss and facilitate shipping of this system to all international locations!!

Will be securely crated for safe shipping

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