1220 mm finger folder , robust built

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I bought this folder around a year ago tidied it up a bit and added castors , however my plans have changed and i no longer need it. The folder is made by H.W.M engineering and is a really good solid machine , this thing is quite cleverly engineered , the folding blade can easily be moved up and down for different thicknesses by adjusting a cam on the side, likewise with the top of the machine the whole top can be adjusted by moving some cams on the pivots. The castors are braked and , 350kg rated and are bolted to a multi point mount plate so that they can be turned around depending on your preference for how you want to move the machine , 2 are swivel and 2 are fixed.It actually rolls quite easily The design allows for an 85mm fold to pass under the top and the fingers are just over 200 deep which means you could fold a trey with 4 sides 200 deep as a single piece ( Please see photos as this is difficult to explain) The only negative thing i can say about this machine is that the last owner had the fingers poorly machined , I've done my best to straighten them out with shims etc but they are not perfect , It never was an issue for me however because i was mainly folding 2mm and it worked perfectly fine for that , it would only be an issue if you were folding thin material that had to look really spot on , this could be corrected by some effort from a new owner but its never bothered me.( see photo of 0.75mm galve fold for quality) The thickest material I've folded was some 3mm treadplate 1200 long and it did a good job though i needed my friend to help Buyer must pickup ! From Woolston CHCH this thing is bloody heavy , maybe 600kg at a guess , It can be quite easily disassembled though which will make it easier to move. Viewing is welcome just leave a comment with your number , even bring some material to fold if you want to try it out , I have some strips of material i can use to demonstrate it with aswell.

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