Versatile Solution For Lean Sheet Metal Forming - Swivel Folding Machine "PowerBend Universal"

PowerBend Universal

Its name speaks for itself: This folding machine is designed to meet the demands in a wide range of applications. Its flexibility through applications up to 4 mm steel is the result of Schroeder Maschinenbau’s decades of experience in industrial metal folding. Increased production and efficiency without increased complexity!

The versatile solution for lean sheet metal forming in locksmith, maintenance, and plumber workshops.

Software control:

  • nano Touch control mounted on swivel arm
  • Radius function

Clamping beam:

  • Clamping beam stroke 350 mm (325 mm with manual clamping device)
  • Clamping beam orientation 48°
  • Middle motor clamping beam drive: 3.0 kW (controlled through contactors, 20 mm/sec, trapezoidal spindle)
  • Manual tool clamping device for clamping beam and folding beam

Folding beam:

  • Dual folding beam drive: 2 × 2.2 kW (controlled through contactors, 48°/sec)
  • Manual folding beam adjustment 80 mm


  • Foot switch
  • Anchor plates incl. dowels
  • Standard machine without folding- and clamping beam tools
  • Bottom beam blade, ca. 1100 N/mm², one piece (minimum gauge varies according to equipment)

Use the right tool for the job – Schroeder understands this better than anyone. With dozens of standard geometries, and engineered customs, your parts will always hit the mark!


Clamping beam:

  • 2 x 2,2 kW drive; 65 mm/sec, axis with recirculated ball screws requires converter package
  • Clamping beam geometry 180°
  • Hydraulic tool clamping

Folding beam:

  • Power-Package folding beam increases the bending capacity by 1 mm: reinforced drive incl. folding blade 35 mm (1100 N/mm²) requires converter package (65°/sec)
  • Central crowning device, manual
  • Central crowning device motorized, requirement: POS 2000 Professional and motorized folding beam adjustment
  • Clamping device, pneumatic
  • Technology package POS 2000 Professional
  • Technology package nanoTouch

Table and back gauge:

  • Sheet support table 1000 mm
  • Motorized back gauge up to 1000 mm, pneumatic pop-up gauge fingers, sheet support table with balls, recirculated ball screws (+/- 0,1)
  • Back gauge extension to J- or U-gauge possible: Basis: motorized gauge up to 1600 mm, closed
  • 2 fixed square arms (left and right)
  • 2 pneumatic pop up square arms (only in connection with POS 2000 Professional)

Software control:

  • nanoTouch converter package (for folding beam- and clamping beam drive), folding beam 85°/sec
  • POS 2000 Professional incl. folding- and clamping beam, converter-controlled, folding beam 85°/sec and remote maintenance (connection via RJ45 network cable to be provided by customer)
  • POS 2000 Professional PC Version

Safety and others:

  • Additional equipment for 2-man operation control in accordance with accident prevention rules required
  • Operation from the rear in addition, 2nd footswitch and protection via light barrier
  • Foot switch on rail for lateral movement
  • Voltage tranformer 12 kVA
  • Air conditioner
  • Various bottom beam-, folding beam-, and clamping beam tools


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