Vacuum lifter for horizontal handling

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AERO 150/4R - AERO 2000/8R

Vacuum lifter for horizontal handling

Moving sheet metal is a completely normal but at the same time frequently complicated process in the metal processing industry. For instance, several workers are needed to quickly and precisely move metal sheets to the point of processing in order to feed a cutting or punching system. Large and very thin sheets in particular pose an additional difficulty due to their own low inherent stability. In this context, metal sheets are well suited with their uniform dimensions and smooth, non-slip surfaces for the use of vacuum lift technology.

Even very large metal sheets can be easily transported over long distances, for instance, from a moving floor shelf to a laser cutting system. By using a vacuum lifter, metal sheets can be removed quickly and precisely by only one person and then supplied to downstream processing machinery. This approach speeds up the transport process considerably and renders the entire workflow more efficient. The fact that the vacuum lifter is easy to operate and has an adjustable grip when needed, makes your work significantly easier.

By arranging the suction plates to match the dimensions, it is possible to prevent a sagging or buckling of the product to be transported. The hot dip galvanized traverse construction ensures long-term corrosion protection and the high-quality individual components guarantee maximum stability. A large vacuum accumulator with check valve and an intelligent electronic warning device offer optimum safety in accordance with EN 13155. All devices comply with the current safety regulations of BGR 500.

The advantages:

gently handling of the material a universally effective, even for non- magnetizable materials

robust, long-term solution, low maintenance and process capable

low follow-up costs, energysaving and long-lasting

messages recallable on the touch panel

fault indications can be transfered to a smartphone to manage them mobile

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