Vacuum lifter CLAD-MAN® - One basic unit - many options - for sheets up to 26 meter long, up to 800 kg in weight

AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH

Safer, faster, stronger - The allround talent for the XXL jobs at construction site! 

Only one basic unit with different configuration for mounting roof or wall elements up to 800 kg and 26 m. You save time, manpower and rework. High safety level to work at building site with dual vacuum safety circles, electronic vacuum sensors of both vacuum circles and a form-conclusive hold equipment.

The all-rounder for XXL jobs at the construction site!
CLAD-MAN lifts panels, trapezoidal sheeting and sandwich elements weighing up to 800 kg and up to 26 m long. Thanks to the 2-circuit system, the digital vacuum sensor technology and optional belt safety system, CLAD-MAN delivers maximum safety for personnel and materials under harsh on-site conditions. The unique belt system allows for very fast and safe placement of the belts.

The vacuum-actuated pump control (Ecomatic) makes sure that the batteries are taken good care of. A long workday on site poses a great challenge for personnel and equipment. You can rely on CLAD-MAN‘s consistent level of performance and intelligent energy management. The modular design with the wide variety of option packs offers the right solution for every application. CLAD-MAN is the ideal partner when it is necessary to install especially long wall or roof panels or heavy trapezoidal sheets on sloped roofs with a pitch of up to 45°.

· Maximizing installation output for panels of up to 26 meters long
· Ideal for heavy roof and wall elements weighing up to 800 kg
· Easy to swivel up to 45° for installation on sloped roofs
· Maximum safety thanks to 2-circuit vacuum system
· Basic unit with many possible variations for every application
· Tried and tested rugged quality suited for construction sites
· Compact dimensions for convenient transport to installation site

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