Tube lifter FLEX-LIFT up to 35 kg

AERO-LIFT Vakuumtechnik GmbH

Be it bags, drums or boxes, the FLEX-LIFT from AERO-LIFT is able to transport almost everything.

Loads weighing up to 35kg can easily be lifted, transported and rotated. That makes work quick, simple and ergonomically correct.

Benefit and features:

- ideal for loads up to 35 kg
- back-friendly and ergonomically correct posture 
- one-handed control lever that supports the natural movement of the hand 
- short cycle times and quick stacking thanks to simple repetitive movements 
- quick-change coupling for split-second replacement of the suction cup 
- „Quick-Release“ function for a simple and quick release 
- integrated vacuum meter  
- integrated radio control (optional)

FLEX-LIFT - Versions:

FLEX-LIFT Ideal for loads up to 35 kg. For sacks, buckets, barrels, cartons or other loads.

FLEX-LIFT Ergo Plus Stepless bendable manipulationg handle to work ergonomically. If you lift up a load from ground or positioning over head you are allways in a ergonomically position.

FLEX-LIFT Variable  Using the manipulation handle of the FLEX-LIFT VARIABLE for right hander or left-handed persons. In a few seconds the handle is reconfigured.

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