Shear "TruTool S 160"

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TruTool S 160

For perfect cutting results in thin sheet

With the TruTool S 160, you are perfectly equipped for processing sheet metal in the range of up to 1.6 mm mild steel. The professional machine is also an excellent choice for work with stainless steel. Thanks to the short design and compact shearing head, the TruTool S 160 is the smallest and most manoeuvrable machine in its power class.

Unbeatably small: Handy and unbeatably small machine with dimensions of 240 mm x 133 mm.

Lightweight at 1.6 kg: The low machine weight means that you can work accurately and easily with the TruTool S 160.

Tight curves: You can cut even the smallest radii starting from 15 mm with the TruTool S 160, which offers excellent performance on curves.

Extremely quick: Quick work progress with cutting speeds of 8 metres – 12 metres per minute.

Long service life: Low operating costs as a result of the 4-way cutter rotation.

4-way blade rotation

Top and bottom cutters have an identical shape and size. They also each have four cutting edges and can be easily interchanged with one another. It really is that simple: if the cutting performance decreases, rotate the cutter by 90° and you have a new cutting edge. This results in an above-average tool life.

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Allen key DIN 911-2

Allen key DIN 911-3


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