Semi-electric folding machine PVX3080PE

Jouanel Industrie

The folding machine PVX PE with electric clamp has the same folding capacities than the manual folding machine PVX.

The electric locking of the clamp provides the operator with many advantages for a lot of folding works:

  • Automatic clamp loosening when folding is complete without action onto the pedal
  • Foot-operated control more is practical for holding and positioning of large-sized metal sheets
  • Immediate plating of folds without effort
  • Lifting height of the clamp adjustable by the operator
  • Suitable for small-lot shaping work
  • Ergonomic folding beam for better operator's position
  • Machined clamping beam tool to make hems easily

Standard equipment:

  • Ergonomic folding beam with 15mm narrow tool to make close reverse-folds
  • Interchangeable clamping beam tool 27°
  • Assistance to folding by cylinder, folding beam rotation on needle bearing
  • Graduated angle gauge
  • Graduated angle scale
  • Clamping operated by foot pedal
  • Automatic realeasing of the clamp once folding is complete
  • Manual realeasing operated by foot pedal
  • Easy vertical adjustment of the folding beam thanks to graduated wheels makes possible radius adjustment and easy-made reverse bend
  • Console and tool support
  • Folding beam axis assembled on bearings
Sheet Metal Machinery
Panbrakes and Folders
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