PROARC High Precision CNC Cutting Machine

Athlete Table


The Athlete series high precision cutting machine can be integrated with a Hypertherm high precision plasma cutting system to achieve unequal cutting quality.
The driving mechanism uses a precision worm reducer that offers low-clearance with backlash of less than 2 arc min.

Major Concept:

All in one rigid structure includes precision linear guide ways, Main bridge, fume collection duct and sequential zone downdraft table.

Hypertherm Edge II CNC Control
The construction is designed in a full entirety type.

Dual side drive

Cross-roller way in Longitudinal axis

Double 4-row Ball Linear way in Transverse Axis.

Precision rack with pinion drive.

Anti-dust cover design in transverse axis.

Precision worm reducer-low backlash <2 arc min.

Fume and dust collection included

Scrap draw- pull out for clean up

Construction integrated with the cutting table to enhance the structures rigidity and durability.

Fume and Dust control – Mechanical duct-gate (vent) design, without electrical components – maintenance free. Fume collection duct is located on slave side.

Slave side linear guide way is replaceable.

Scrap draw can be drawn out for easy cleaning of dust & scrap.

RG Series Precision Cross roller way

RG series features a roller as the rolling element instead of steel balls.

The roller series offers ultra high rigidity and very high load capabilities. RG series is designed with a 45-degree angle of contact. Elastic deformation of the linear contact surface, during load, is greatly reduced thereby offering greater rigidity and higher load capacities in all 4-load directions. RG series has the high performance that provides high-precision manufacturing and achieves longer service life.


Laser point positioning unit - cross line
Pneumatic sheet clamp - two point
Mechanical torch height control
Anti-colision device
Off-line cutting table
Centre drill

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