Orbitalum GFX6.6 Pipe Cutting Machine

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Orbitalum Tools Gmbh (Formerly Georg Fisher GF)

The all new GFX6.6 Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine takes the German Made, Orbitalum range even further forward. The GFX6.6 Pipe saw is designed to provide maximum functionality in an economical and compact machine. With a huge 1-6″ cutting range, the Orbitalum GFX6.6 offers superior cutting performance.


The new design of the Orbitalum GFX6.6 offers user friendly and efficient cutting operation.

  • Square and burr-free cold machining process
  • Laser to mark cut off point
  • Dual blade positions for cutting off elbows
  • Ergonomic motor handle
  • Huge 21.3 – 168.3mm (1-6″) Cutting Range
  • Strong cast iron clamping jaws with stainless inserts/li>
  • Multifunction handle
  • Easy blade plunge setting with graphic dial
  • Swivel cable with quick connect coupler

Working Range:

  • Pipe OD [mm] 21.3 – 168.3
  • Wall Thickness [mm]  1 – 7

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