Nibbler "TruTool N 700"

Trumpf Grüsch AG
TruTool N 700

Perfect for dismantling work

With its light weight of just 8.3 kg, the TruTool N 700 can cut sheet thicknesses of 7 mm. It cuts through flat and doubled sheets as well as bends of up to 90° and is therefore perfect for dismantling work. The two handles can be quickly swapped, making it easy to perform work in a wide range of situations. The compact handle is ideal for restricted spaces and the bow-handle is well-suited to all work situations.

Cutting directions: The machine can be rotated 360° in 4 steps of 90°.

Rectangular punch with flexibility for profiles: Ideal for work in hard-to-reach areas and for cuts across edges and welding seams.

Minimal force required: You work without feed force and so reduce the effort required to a minimum. The compact handle is ideal for processing profiles and working in restricted spaces. It is robust and heat-resistant. The bow-handle is well-suited to all work situations and allows you to choose a wide range of grip positions. Another benefit in its favor is the adjustable rotating motor handle which has been developed for applications where the machine is tilted by 90°.

Surprisingly lightweight: Unbeatable weight-performance ratio of 8.3 kg against a sheet thickness of 7 mm.

Delivery includes:

Standard punch

Die 7


Compact handle

Allen key

Tube of grease "G1", 25 g

Setting gauge


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