Nibbler "TruTool N 200" Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V

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TruTool N 200 Li-ion

Cordless and unrivaled performance on curves

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For the first time, you can use the battery machine to cut flat and corrugated sheets of up to 2 mm sheet thickness cordlessly. Even interior cutouts and notches are easy to process as the machine can be rotated on the spot. No tools are needed to change the cutting direction. You can change dies and punches quickly, without the need for any additional tools. You can upgrade and expand the TruTool N 200 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V with further tools as required. This means that you can easily cut even trapezoidal sheets, for example. For example, with the 4 Ah rechargeable battery you can cut up to approx. 40 metres in mild steel and a sheet thickness of 1 mm with one battery charge.

Outstanding performance on curves: The hollow round punch provides manoeuvrability and enables the machine to turn on the spot.

Cutting direction can be changed in seconds: The tool can be rotated 360° in steps of 45°, without the need for additional tools. The TruTool N 200 Li-ion rechargeable battery 18 V can be manoeuvred cleanly even in hard-to-reach areas, and the direction of processing can be adjusted quickly, without the need for tools. You can rotate the tool through 360°. Combined with a hollow round punch, the TruTool N 200 is so flexible that you can even turn the machine on the spot.

The perfect combination: The rechargeable battery achieves a runtime that is up to 60% longer thanks to the Power-Head-Technology and brushless motor.

For comfortable operation:A soft grip ensures low-vibration machine control. The machine is thereby extremely compact and light.

Battery technology: 

Individual electronic cell monitoring in the machine and in the recharger protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge. The robust battery cells have a low energy drop and always remain cool. A microprocessor analyses the battery data and controls an optimal charge and discharge process. The result is high power combined with a long service life for the battery. You can therefore work almost non-stop. The 2 Ah and 4 Ah rechargeable batteries only require 10 - 30 minutes to be charged to 80%.

Can be retrofitted for flexible work: The rechargeable battery and electric variants of the TruTool N 200, PN 200 and PN 201 are built on the same multifunctional machine basis. Each machine has its own particular strengths for processing different sheet metal: TruTool N 200 for flat and corrugated sheet; TruTool PN 200 for trapezoidal sheets up to 85 mm deep and C, L and U profiles; and TruTool PN 201 for trapezoidal sheets up to 162 mm deep.

Delivery includes:

Punch & Die

Punch guide

N 200 tool

Hexagonal bar wrench

4 Ah rechargeable battery 18 V (2 units)

Recharger 100 - 240 V incl. cable

Belt clip

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