Motorized Folding Machine "MAKU" 3200 mm


The new, versatile motorized folding machine of the MAK - series is perfect for sheet metal processing in small- and medium-sized workshops.

It convinces with its robust and stable construction. The „U“ in its name was intentionally chosen and stands for „Universal“: This folding machine is designed to meet the demands of sophisticated handicraft businesses. Its flexibility for applications
up to 1.5 mm steel is the result of Hans Schröder Maschinenbau‘s decades of experience in industrial sheet metal folding machines.

The MAKU offers optimum precision, longevity and stability. It‘s extremely rigid machine bodies were engineered according to state-of-the-art technology.

This versatile machine is a safe investment into motorized sheet metal processing - and in the future of your company. For companies that rely on highest flexibility: Tools can be retrofitted easily at any time. Thanks to its adaptability the MAKU can be utilized for thin sheet metal processing.

The path-breaking electronic software control, that already masters radius bending in its standard, can be programmed quickly with no computer skills. The MAKU is the motorized folding machine for increased efficiency in your production.

The MAKU is an easy to operate, robust folding machine with little tool costs and a unique range of options.

(The MAKU replaces the folding machines AKV, MAKV and MAKV S)

Software control:
- Positioning control "nanoTouch" to control folding and clamping beam, 5,7 Zoll monitor turnable on switch cabinet
- Radius function

Clamping beam:
- Stroke 150 mm
- 45° clamping beam
- Drive: middle motor 0,75 kW
- Clamping pressure adjustment via handwheel (without tool)

Folding beam:
- Drive 1,5 kW (controlled through contactors)
- Manual folding beam adjustment 30 mm

- Foot switch
- Anchor plates incl. dowels

- Tinsmith blade 20° (WZS 080), sharp or R 1/1,5 ca. 700 N/mm² clearance 12 mm for hems, foot width 24 mm, directly screwed to clamping beam

- Sharp-nose blade 20°, sharp or R 1/1,5/3, foot width 36 mm, ca. 700 N/mm², directly screwed to clamping beam
- Bottom beam blade (WZS 270), one-piece, 700 N/mm² at 30 mm 8 mm step depending on chosen gauge
- without finger grooves
- with finger grooves 6 mm or optionally 10 mm
- Folding blades (WZS 100), 10 and 25 mm, 700 N/mm² from working length 3200 mm:
15 and 25 mm

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