Manual workshop folding machine "PVX" 3080 MM

Jouanel Industrie

Same as the PZX, the PVX enters to the range of machines equipped with an ergonomic folding beam.

In order to reduce the effort, the central release of the folding beam enables the operator to put himself in optimal position when bending.

The solid engineering of the machine guarantees a high rigidity and allows an exceptional folding quality.

Standard equipment:
• Ergonomic folding beam with narrow tool 15 mm to make close counter-folds 
• Interchangeable clamping beam tool 153° 
• Assistance for bending assuring work reliability and rapidity, rotation of folding beam on needle roller bearing
• Graduated angle gauge 
• Angle scale 
• Operation of the clamp by clamping / loosening foot pedal and by lever on both sides of the machine 
• Vertical adjustment of the folding beam is easy thanks to graduated buttons, allowing the radius setting and making easy the reverse bend
• Console and tool support 
• Folding beam pins mounted on roller bearings

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