Manual Folding Machine Jouanel "PCX3080A" for Building Site and Workshop

Jouanel Industrie

Manual folding machine for building site or workshop, reference PCX3080A, useful folding length 3m, 1.0mm zinc capacity - 0.7mm S235JR steel capacity, with removable feet, 15mm narrow folding beam, quick locking of the clamp by eccentric, angle gauge

Product plus:
More than 6000 users have already selected it
Can be used on building site or in the workshop
Excellent weight/rigidity compromise
Cuts, folds and beads
Very high quality of folding even with a large thickness
15mm narrow folding beam making easy the closer counter-seams
Wide foot pedal for an easy clamping
Interchangeability of parts
Many additional types of equipment

Standard equipment:
15mm narrow folding beam
Interchangeable clamping beam tool at 27°
Cylinder to easily open the clamp
A quick adjustment of the clamp opening
Quick adjustment of the clamp by eccentric
Table, clamp and folding beam are adjustable for higher accuracy
Graduated angle gauge to fold in series
Adjustment of folding beam crowning
Removable feet

Useful folding length (mm)                                           3 080
Capacity stainless steel / Alu (mm)                                   0,6 / 1,0
Capacity Zinc / steel S235JR (mm)                           1,0 / 0,7
Clamp opening (mm)                                                   80
Dimensions (mm)                                                           3 650 x 1 060 x 650

Gross weight (kg)                                                           350

Minimum width of fold = 10-15 times the thickness acc. to the metal

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