KS 502


KS 502

New twin-column semiautomatic hydraulic bandsaw specially designed for cutting medium and big size of pipe and profile. The only saw in its range that allows to cut right and left till 60°, by positioning once the blocking vice. Mitre cutting up to 60° left and right, with easy stops at 0°, 45° left and 45° right.


Steel sawframe with tubular section canted 6° allows sawblade to freely and easily cut through the bottom of structural section without vibration, binding, or slowdown of sawing rates; worktable supported by a central pivot with preloaded bearings for very easy rotation, pulleys diameter 360 mm.

Registrable band guides sliding on linear guide for an easy regulation with hard metal pads and guided bearings. Full stroke hydraulic vice free to move alongside the worktable, supported by circulating-ball screws, with quick motion and clamping, vice opening 510 mm. Complete with pressure reducer. Position sensor that allows the sawframe to lower quickly toward the material and detect automatically the start-cut point and micro switch set on the blade guide to detect automatically the end cut point. Adjustment of the down-feed power and speed. Three-way selector to choose different working modalities: the return of the sawframe with blade still or with blade running, or end of the cutting cycle without the return of the sawframe. Support roller on both sides, 630 mm wide, which can be connected to roller tables. Control lights on the control panel to check: blade tension, blade cover, motor thermic overload, power supply. Controls console, movable for positioning. Floor stand with removable chip collector and coolant tank with electro-pump, hydraulic unit with oil; motorised blade-cleaning brush trought motor pulley movement, bimetal blade.


Optional Features: Infeed and Outfeed Roller Conveyors - Manual to Motorized options are available

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