Geka Hydracrop 80

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Hydracrop 80

Where production requires twin operator machines, higher speeds or greater capacity, GEKA provides the solution with the HYDRACROP 80. Two hydraulic cylinders ironworker with two simultaneous work stations and five working stations: punching, notching, shearing of flat bars, angles and circular and rectangular bars.

Two operators can use these ironworkers simultaneously, doubling production capacity. The HYDRACROP family has in addition, 5 tonnage levels.


Punching station

The punching station is fitted with an independent cylinder that creates a large, flexible, universal workstation easilyadaptable for mounting special tools and “die sets”.


L cutting angle

Fully aware of the importance of distortion free shearing, GEKA has designed a patented system of a floating upper blade that travels along a rectilinear line and is able to shear angles without any deformation and loss of material (single cut). All GEKA Hydracrop models ensure that distortion problems caused by the conventional radial system are now a problem of the past.


Shearing for flat bars

The excellent stability of the monoblock blade-holder, which is controlled at the each end, makes it possible to mount a long upper blade with a proven geometry to obtain optimum shearing quality. The radial system allows a generous cutting capacity as a result of the force multiplier  effect.

1. Lower blade
2. Upper blade with special geometry
3. Clearance control between shear blades
4. Supplement shearing angle control of upper
blade, for shearing without deformation.
5. Adjustable guides 45º right and left.
6. Flat plate/bar shearing table.
7. Slotted guide positioning with coverage of the
entire blade length
8. Guide fixing screw
9. Clearance control of blade-holder


Notching station

This station of the machine has been designed to mount several optional accessories, all of which are normally held in stock.

Triangular notching at 90º
• Tube notching equipment
• Notching of footings


Cutting of Circular and Rectangular bars

The GEKA HYDRACROP machines are fitted as standard with blades for cutting circular and rectangular bars. Furthermore, this station has been designed bearing in mind the shearing of other sections for which a large stock of blades is available.


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