ZOPF T200 Horizontal Bending Machine



This motto is our company´s basic principle. For 30 years now, ZOPF offers bending machines for different areas. The company´s main focus has changed from trading to construction and production. Our most important pillars are customer orientation, quality and versatility. The ring bending machine program extends from proven conventional models to designs with digital displays, hydraulic advance, and NC and CNC controls. Praxis-oriented new and continued developments rationalize the work process and offer the best possible solutions. Small, middle-class and large companies from all kinds of economy fields, e.g. shopwindow construction, mechanical and apparatus engineering, locksmiths, theaters, automobile manufacturers, greenhous construction, ect. are our customers. Internationally, ZOPF ring bending machines are represented in Europe, Overseas and the Far East. Wa are supported by qualified agencies in several countries.


ZOPF T200 Horizontal Bending Machine with digital readout of position (forward and reverse) with bending bolt (without punch), tool carrier and foot pedal


  • Hydraulic Pressure 20 Ton
  • Length of Stroke 185mm
  • Max. Working Speed 9mm/sec
  • Return Speed 20mm/sec
  • Working Table Size 480 x 1060mm
  • Working Height 930mm
  • Oil Tank Capacity 30Litre
  • Motor Capacity 400/50/3ph 2.2Kw
  • Max. Bending Capacity 200mm
  • Weight 450Kg
  • Max. Bending Capacity 200 x 12mm


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