Electric Universal Folding Machine PTL 3100 MM

Jouanel Industrie

The folding machine PTL is perfectly adapted to thin metal sheet works for zinc, siding, ventilation and aluminium contructions.
Purely electrically controlled, the PTL is fast, flexible and easy to use.

Product plus:

  • A powerful and multi-purpose electric machine with a competitive price
  • Suitable for mass folding works
  • Rapidity of the clamp and folding beam motion
  • With or without numerical control depending on the budgets
  • Automatic Cycle of Folding (CAP) enabling to perform successively the folding operations with a 25% gain in productivity

Numerical control:

  • Numerical control with 10" touch screen SIEM-PRO: optional

Standard equipment:

  • Supply of 2 interchangeable 12 and 25-mm folding beam tools
  • Interchangeable clamping beam tool at 20° making easy the production of U profiles
  • Electromecanic angle gauge from 0 to 145°
  • Folding beam and table crowning devices
  • Adjustment of the folding radius
  • Clamp locking control by foot pedal allowing to keep hands free
  • Control of the folding beam, upwards and downwards by push-buttons
  • Folding automatic cycle CAP
  • Emergency stop device with cable
Sheet Metal Machinery
Panbrakes and Folders
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