Electric Turret Punching Machine "MDC BPE 1250x2500"

IMAC by Lodesani & Carreri Srl
MDC BPE 1250x2500

The TURRET IMAC PUNCHING MACHINE permits: punching, nibbling, countersink, marking, forming, engraving, bending, beading.

It is possible use the function of rolling and cutting. The operator using this kind of punching machine, can also
manufacture special pieces and, with high flexibility and quickness, change the type of working and material in order to carry out small
series and samplings.
Moreover with the new Index system the new generation machines are issued with, the operator can carry out any kind of angle.
The operator can also create complicated programs directly from the Pc off line using the programs CAD/CAM or import the files directly
on the machine.

Sheet Metal Machinery
Turret Punch Presses
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