Easyarm Balanced Articulating Arm

$4,750.00 Exc. GST
Volumec Easyarm

I imported this tool from Italy anticipating that it would be suitable for a specific purpose (outside of its typical use). It worked fine, but didn't make the process quicker as the nature of the tool is to move smoothly and in control whereas I needed something that would move very quickly. 

I am therefore selling it after only using it once. It is in perfect condition. 

For a full description and videos on what this tool can do copy the link below 


What is included: 
- Triple articulated arm (model EAB196015), which means it is the locking version, 200nm of torque reaction balancing, and 11.5-15kg tool weight. 
- Multi-direction head, which allows for full rotation of the tool 
- 60mm diameter fixing attachment 
- 54mm adapter fixing attachment 
- 27mm adapter fixing attachment (note that it is easy for fabricators to make up a new fixing adapter to the right size of your tool). 

Also available is a trolley lifting column that I have made. It allows for easy movement of the system, and can lift the tool up to 2.5m high. This would be an extra $500, and I can help adjust the column if you need lower heights.

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