CNC Punching Machine "HPS 750x1500 Giano"

IMAC by Lodesani & Carreri Srl
HPS 750×1500 GIANO

The punching machine IMAC HPS 750×1500 GIANO has 2 heads that allow to punch with monopunch.

You should put also complex moulds.
The graphic CNC is very easy and intuitive to use. The operator can program the easier operations, like single or linear punch, tapping holes, circular and linear nibbling, windows, notches and all the other requested operations. The punch run is automatic and can be programmed from the software, with an automatic adjustment regarding the thickness.
IMAC Italia offers an optional software that permits to memorize the programs on a USB key or directly inside the hard disk. Or to connect the CNC of the machine to the company network. You can create also complex program using PunchLab LT or other CAD/CAM programs and import the files directly on the machine.
The operator can also create complicated programs directly from the Pc using the CamLab LT or other programs CAD/CAM and import the files directly on the machine.

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