CNC Punching Machine "HPS 750x1250"

IMAC by Lodesani & Carreri Srl
HPS 750x1250

HPS 750×1250 are especially studied for manufacturers of nameplates.

The IMAC Punching Machines are equipped with:
– C shaped rigid structure in electro welded steel. It is then subjected to a stress relieving heat treatment in order to guarantee a lasting stability of the structure and a perfect alignment between the punch and the matrix. Then it’s sandblasted and varnished,
– X axis: rectified guides with sphere recirculation screws, operated by brushless motors,
– Y axis: 2 rectified guides with sphere recirculation screws, with brushless motors,
– Z axis: hydraulic cylinder with adjustable punch stroke for each punch according to the sharpening condition and to the sheet thickness,
– Excellent dimensioning of the working table,
– Equipment high quality brushes fit on the working table,
– Selector for the manual, semiautomatic or automatic working mode.
– CNC S 500.R0135 numerical control,
– The user can import and export programs on a USB key,
– Ethernet port,
– Selector for the working speed variation from 5% to 100%,
– Quick changing system of the punch and matrix operated by hydraulic cylinders,
– Anti-collision function between the pliers and the automatic piece taking up,
– Automatic repositioning of the clamps up to 9999 mm calculated by the computer,
– The blocking of the sheet takes place thanks to 2 hydraulic small cylinders,
– The operator can change the repositioning speed in order to guarantee a high exactness during the repositioning operation,
– Pedals for the automatic drive of the clamps
– Wide box for the collection of the scraps.
– The hydraulic power plant is located outside the machine in order to guarantee an easier and faster inspection.

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