Bystronic ByStar 3015 10kw Fiber

ByStar 3015

Machine Specification

Construction length, ca. [L]                                               12150mm

Construction width, ca. [W]                                                5700mm

Construction height, ca. [H]                                               3200mm

Nominal sheet size (X)                                                       3000mm

Nominal sheet size (Y)                                                       1500mm

Cutting area (X)                                                                  3100mm

Cutting area (Y)                                                                  1580mm

Cutting area (Z)                                                                  100mm

Max. Positioning Speed                                                      169m/min

Positioning Speed paralell axis X/Y rpeatabillity                 120m/min

Edge Detection                                                                    +- 0.5mm


Cutting Capacities

Steel (max. cutting sheet thickness)                                 25mm

Stainless steel (max. cutting sheet thickness)                  30mm

Aluminium (max. cutting sheet thickness)                        30mm

Brass (max. Sheet thickness)                                          15mm

Copper (max. Sheet thickness)                                        12mm


Outstanding features

Cuts faster, saves energy and relies on fiber technology


Unique advantages

- Unmatched throughput rates in the light-gauge to medium-gauge thickness range thanks to innovative fiber laser technology

- Undemanding high-tech fiber laser combined with sophisticated machine technology

- Economical and ecological due to incomparable energy efficiency, peerless throughput and worry-free operation

- Optional Rotary Axis for maximum flexibillity


Machine design

- Clear, compact and simple layout

- Optimum access to the working area

- Simple and quick positioning of leftover sheets, access without risk of collision ideal for fitting in express jobs

- Optional remote diagnosis

- Low operator intervention means higher productivity

- Triangular cutting brideg reducing weight and increasing rigidity


Drive system

- Linear drive motors provide a high precision drive for the axes and deliver the highest levels of acceleration


Cutting head

- The cutting head is fiber laser technology "made by Bystronic".

- It enables you to cut material from thin to thick with the highest level of quality.

- The cutting head is robust and requires little maintenance.

- The changing system allows fast maintenance of the protective glass.

- Capacitive sensing ensures that a constant distance is maintained between the nozzle and the material.

- Prior to cutting, sensors in the cutting head determine the precise position of the metal sheet (X/Y). Subsequently, the cutting plan is

automatically adapted to the position determined



- Hand-held controller for time-saving setup and adjustment tasks

- Straightforward restart of interrupted cutting plans.



Like no other controller, ByVision ensures that the specifications of the laser cutting machine are used to best advantage.

- The ergonomically designed user interface ensures efficient and quick-to-learn operation of the laser cutting machine

- Thanks to the various restart options, you can easily resume an interrupted cutting plan

- Activate, deactivate and set microjoints automatically without starting the programming software

- Nesting of individual parts from existing nesting plans

- Microweld points for retaining small or long, thin parts



- The highest energy efficiency due to minimal electrical energy consumption

- Very low operating costs due to high-tech fiber laser technology (for example, no laser gas required, minimal wear costs)

- Expanded spectrum of materials (non-ferrous metals)






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